Wenatex Development & Design

People and their quality of life and holistic well-being are at the centre of everything Wenatex does. For the many years Wenatex has been dealing with the topic of healthy and restful sleep, they have never lost sight of one thing: enthusiasm! The enthusiasm for their work, customers,  developments and our unique product. They offer high-quality products that ensure healthy, regenerative sleep.


Wenatex is an SEO client, who opted for a revamp and redesign of their website to help boost their rankings and increase conversions.


  • WordPress website development
  • Seo front end development
  • Branding Revamp
  • Custom design
  • Custom theme development
  • Fast server and hosting
  • Completely responsive design / Optimised for mobile

This website is fun and captivating, yet minimal and elegant. If you feel your company would benefit from similar research, design and development feel free to contact me.


This site was designed and developed by me while working for company Apex Digital.