Francesca Costa Author Website

Francesca Costa is an aspiring author that needed her new website to convey the magic & mysticism of her upcoming debut series ‘The Game of the Gods’, a world where 12 astrological gods help to rule and balance the four elements, as well as human life on earth.

Client desires:

  • A mysterious and dark website that allures to her target audience: fantasy readers, as well as those that dabble in the occult and astrology
  • A clean blog where writing and personal updates can be posted
  • A signup newsletter
  • An about section
  • An area to showcase her projects.

The process

As the client was looking to magnetize a demographic that loves fantasy and magic, a stunning and bold opening image was needed. Hence the choice of the dulled golds & purples with the astrological wheel. Next a clean about page was delivered for the client, showing a photo to help her readers feel closer to her.

A golden newsletter capture was added, as every author knows that building a mail list is important. A contact page was also added for those that want to reach out with questions, opportunities, or events.


HOW DO YOU THINK WE DID? Do you like this website? Are you an Aspiring author that would benefit from a website that showcases your work, designed intuitively with current trends in mind? Comment below!