Jarvis Hunt: Redesign & Development

Jarvis Hunt Consultancy originally approached me with their idea for a new website, and a new fresh look.


Being a company the deals with offering comprehensive packages of training, consultancy, technical, and contract services, specializing in phytoplankton, cyanobacteria, and quality assurance, they wanted to stand out amongst the crowd of their competitors and offer a much more interactive and social media-based approach to getting their information and services out there.

The clients main goals were:

  • To have a clean and fresh look and revamp to their old website.
  • To include social media feeds, youtube videos, courses as well as training on their website.

What was delivered:

  • A great new look for their website that uplifts and revamps their look and feel
  • An Instagram feed on the main page
  • A feed showing their latest ‘ Five-minute features’ which are quick and informational youtube videos to help facilitate learning and interaction
  • A Facebook feed
  • Courses page
  • As well as a blog.

How do you think we did? Do you prefer the website’s updated aesthetics now?